Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Today is Teacher Appreciation Day.

As a long time history instructor, I learned a valuable lesson about the impact we have on students regardless of age.  Some years ago, when I was preparing for my husband's funeral, the base allowed young troops to volunteer to be pallbearers.  The base in Cheyenne, WY was 400 miles from Cody (where we lived) and the young troops knew they had to get to Cody on their own dime.  Once they arrived, I made sure they were fed and housed.  There were many volunteers and I was deeply touched.

 I knew five of the young men from my husband's unit.  There was one I did not know by face.  His name was familiar but not his face.  I asked him if he was in Greg's unit and he responded:

"No.  I am from the other Security Forces unit and your husband was never my commander.  I am not here for him, I am here for YOU.  I was in your history class and you were my favorite teacher.  I wanted to do this for you."

If you are teacher you can never know who you touch.


Nancy said...

What a beautiful post - it's a tear jerker.

Kate said...

What a beautiful story. Teachers don't get near enough credit for the influence they have on their students.

Anonymous said...

I'm 60, but I remember my first grade teacher like she was my grandmother. She taught me to read, and started a lifelong habit. She taught us a lot of subliminal things to, like how to treat others just by how she treated us.