Friday, May 02, 2014

End of a chapter

In 2006, when my husband passed away, I put all the quilts in my sewing in boxes.  I really was not able to look at them for many years.  Actually, about five years.  Almost three years ago now I reached a good place in my life to finally open the boxes.  There were 20 some odd quilts in various stages of progress.  I made it a mission to get them finished.

I created a spreadsheet of all the quilts and estimated the start dates for each.  I went down the list and completed most of them.  This is the last of the unfinished tops.  I now have two that need to be machine quilted and have two that are hand quilted.  Each of those is about 1/2 done.  Maybe by the end of the year I will have them all finished.

I will admit this was great therapy!  The Lone Star was the one I fear the most due to the inset seams.  It really turned out er than I expected.  My youngest daughter has asked that she get it once quilted.


Kris said...

Oh, wow, Chris!! Great story!! I am very proud of you - and I am sorry for your loss!! Your Lone Star is gorgeous!! So glad to see you back again in blogland - you were missed!!

Kate said...

So glad that finishing the quilts was good for you. The Lone Star quilt is gorgeous! Love the colors.